Aliens and Underground Cites – ‘ Evidence At 3000 MPH’

What was it that involved President Eisenhower? I’ve compiled some clips and videos for you to add them up, then boil them down to see what the ‘final assumption/result’ reveals. Cities inside the earth? Disclosure forms signed to keep silent the ‘suspended in a hollow,’ residence of an alien race?
Where do aliens come from if space travel is impossible, as some scientists speculate? From within the earth, itself? This video provides a synopsis perspective into evidence, and testimonies, that compel masses of persons to believe that there is, indeed, an alien race of beings living under the earth. Why do so very many different witnesses who do not know each other step forward with identical information?

Here, in mini short, as I like to call them, a 15 minute video, which I’ve been getting more requests for, I try to portray the very evidence and information that compels the intrigue of many to believe that aliens do not just exist among us, travel among us, live among us, but also, work alongside of us, and control us, ‘from above and below,’ as per according to a certain ‘intergalactic allegiance.’

What do you think? Made for comment, content, critique, debate, and intrigue. I hope you enjoy.

„I just wonder, they say they are better but who is living in the penthouse and who is living in the basement?”
source:Dan Flynn

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