You Can’t Trust Science!

Science has an agenda! Science is unreliable!” If you’ve ever heard a religious person say these words, you’ll love this video.
„Here is what I don’t get. So many religious-minded (brainwashed) people like to point out that many scientific discoveries were made by people who believe in god as if that were some kind of evidence FOR god. AND then they turn around and deny many of the discoveries made by science.”

„Well to be fair the whole „the majority of the people on earth thought it was flat” is kind of a myth…with peoples as far back as the Egyptians knew the earth was circular based on mathematical approaches. Also, it doesn’t take a genius to see that the sun and moon are circles….makes sense our earth would be too.”

„Religion is partially responsible for the creation of some of the best art, music, and literature out there. Don’t these matter at all? And what about psychology? Only material science counts as science? Lastly, ideology in general (be it scientific or religious) evolves with time, as our understanding of the world expands and refines. Nothing remains absolutely constant – thus is the nature of things. Impermanence and co-dependent causality (complex web of cause-and-effect) constitute the core of Buddhist philosophy. But that’s irrelevant to any religion-related discussion because only western religion counts as religion, RIGHT? Using fundamentalist Christian ideology as a strawman to discredit religion, in general, is an unmistakably over-generalized (not to mention euro-centric) worldview, and fails to address any subtle specificities in people’s individual spiritual inclinations.”

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