Russia’s Deep Lakes are Populated by a Race of Giant Underwater Humanoids

Russia is home to a great number of mysteries, each one stranger than the other. The following case is no exception.

Although these particular events have been happening for thousands of years, our story begins in the 1930s, when a Russian researcher of the paranormal named Ilya Grabovsky was exploring strange happenings around Lake Issik Kul, a deep body of water located in the Northern Tian Shan Mountains. “Issik Kul” means “Warm Lake”, a reference to the fact that the lake never freezes, despite being surrounded by icy mountains.

Grabovsky had heard legends about hidden caves in the area so he contacted a local who had inadvertently stumbled into one. At first, the man was reluctant to describe his experience but the paranormal researcher eventually persuaded him to pass the knowledge. He told Grabovsky that he and his friends were fishing on the lake’s northwestern shore when they saw a cave. It was inaccessible so they resolved to return the next day with ropes, torches, and pickaxes.

The following day, the men began exploring the cave and made a startling discovery inside its innermost sector. They discovered three human skeletons, each one measuring more than ten feet tall. Around their necks, each skeleton had a silver amulet in the shape of what the men described as “bats.” An interesting aspect, since there have been several reports describing UFOs of this particular shape, not just in Russia but also the rest of the world.

Even more intriguing is a local Kyrgyz legend that references a sunken city on the bottom of lake Issik Kul. The last ruler of the ancient city had been King Ossounes, a giant with “long ears.” The legend also mentions that Ossounes was able to fly between the mountain peaks “in the blink of an eye.”

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They have discovered under 20 feet of the ground approximately $ 22 BILLION WORTH OF HIGHLY VALUABLE GOLD in the form of, diamond jewellery, golden utensils, weapons, golden idols, golden elephants idols and diamond necklaces having 500 kilograms weight and 18 feet length and bags full of golden coins of different nations, including NAPOLEON and ITALIAN coins in the last one week.

A secret door has been locked by sound waves from a secret chant
With this Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy of Thiruvananthapuram, m has emerged the richest God on the earth. And this world is looking at the opulence of this God with the mouths opened in a great shock and surprise.

This chamber is being considered by the Trust members and other learned Astrologers of India, as highly mysterious, sacred and risky and dangerous to unveil it. Because the steel door of the Chamber-B is having two big COBRA PORTRAITS on it and this door as no nuts, bolts or other latches.

It is considered to be fixed to the secret chamber with the ‘NAGA BANDHAM’ or ‘NAGA PAASAM’ ‘MANTRAS’ by the then ‘SIDDA PURASHAS’ who lived during the reign of king MARTHANDAVARMA in the 16th CENTURY.

A door of such a secret vault can be opened by a highly erudite ‘SADHUS’ or‘MANTRIKAS’ who are familiar with the knowledge of extricating ‘NAGA BANDHAM’ or‘NAGA PASAM’ by chanting a ‘GARUDA MANTRA’; So except in this way, the door can’t be opened by any means by anyone. At present NOWHERE IN INDIA or in the world such a highly sacred and powerful ‘SIDDHAPURSHAS’ or ‘Y0GIS’ or ‘MANTRIKAS’ who does know how to execute highly sacred ‘GARUDA MANTRA’ are EXISTING.

If any human attempts are made with man-made technology to open the mysterious Chamber-B other than by chanting highly sacred and powerful ‘GARUDA MANTRAS’ by a highly sacred ‘SADHUS’ or ‘MANTRIKAS’, catastrophes are likely to occur in and around the Temple premises or throughout India or even throughout the world according to VEDIC ASTROLOGERS OF INDIA, who also revealed their inability to open the door by chanting the secret ‘GARUDA MANTRA’.

If ‘GARUDA MANTRA’ is chanted by any powerful ‘SADHU’ or ‘YOGI’ or ‘MANTRIKA’the door proceeds to automatically open and no human effort is needed to open it in any other way.

„holy men do not value gold or riches, money. The treasure of a holy man is truth honesty compassion, respect peace of mind. The holy man is the protector of the virtuous law for Humanity to never wish harm on another human being peace and Harmony throughout the world” – Roger
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It seems that history is about to repeat itself – US Warns Russia “Aliens On Their Way, Will Be Here”

WARNING! Huge Alien Ships Close To Earth. USA, CHINA, RUSSIA in WAR with ALIENS 2017 A new bizarre “report” circulating in the conspiracy theory. – It seems that history is about to repeat itself

A Kremlin report detailing the meeting held between Prime Minister Putin and US Vice President Biden this past week shockingly reveals an American plea for.

Iran & Russia Accuse The United States Of Massive Coverup Involving Extraterrestrials & U.S. Domestic/International Policy. The Return Of The Savior Coming.

A Kremlin report detailing the meeting held between Prime Minister Putin and US Vice President Biden this past week shockingly reveals an American plea for Russian help in establishing an “Earth Wide” missile defense plan to protect our planet from an “alien invasion” expected in late 2017 after NASA satellites revealed an “incoming” fleet of “miles-wide” UFO’s that have entered our Solar System.

„We actually need a worldwide alien invasion. Then maybe for once, humans will set aside their minor differences and work together”

The strange medallion found in a tomb of ancient Egypt

Discovered by archaeologist Professor Winwood. The enigmatic symbols suggest an interaction of presumed Aliens or Extraterrestrials with ancient monarchs of this nation. Includes Egyptian characters like Thoth, Orus, and elongated skulls.

In the being that is above we can see in his hands, what seem eyes, or holes, also around his head we could say that the sun rises.
The object under the Alien-type Being resembles a ship or galaxy.

The side cylinders that leave the circle look like glass containers with something inside.
Inside the central circle, there is a sun making a spiral and the representation of two Pharaohs.

Here is a bizarre medallion that was found in an ancient Egyptian tomb. The Egyptian pharoahs have elongated skulls, as found in Paracas. Some figures have „alien-like” features. One interesting theory is that an extraterrestrial-like being, and a possible space craft, are at the top to represent alien rule or leadership over the Egyptians during ancient times.

The archaeologist Professor Winwood. He allegedly stole several objects from the tomb and years later would publish them in a magazine, this English archeologist was arrested and the recovered objects were placed in the custody of the museum, objects were called in the so-called forbidden area of archeology.

New Another Massive Alien Disclosure Story That Got Lost in the Mainstream Media

A startling and revealing look at extraterrestrial science, UFO sightings, and the most direct contact you will see on record. The world holds its breath as we are on the cusp of disclosure and the government revealing the truth – that we are being visited by lifeforms from outside our solar system.

An interesting update on what is occurring with Alien Disclosure from the grassroots and behind the scenes/government level. Sharing insight on what we can expect in this coming year and how this will impact the world. There can be only one outcome to the Disclosure advocacy movement – the formal acknowledgment of the extraterrestrial presence by world governments.

„Why are all these people born with the „government” word in their mouth? The government knows too little and the projects and technologies that we want to be disclosed are hidden, secret, no-need-to-know, none in government are briefed about them.”

„There will never be „disclosure.” You don’t disclose something you have no operational control over. You only disclose something over which you have complete situational awareness and control over. If the „aliens” want to disclose, they’ll disclose. It’s not up to any government. Because they don’t know nearly as much as you think they do.” – Aubrey

„WDF…….it is always a national security problem, so we never get to know it, but once they can no longer hide it, If a mothership land here, from a few kilometers big. They can not call this a weatherballoon” – John
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The video was described as ” A new anomalous discovery has been unearthed in Peru. Join Gaia’s ongoing investigation and decide for yourself if this is proof of a non-human species.”

Robert Kiviat and I take a closer look at this video and give you our opinion of whether this is a real alien and if this video is a real „investigation” or just another viral ad marketing campaign for a video subscription service.


Proof of aliens or another hoax? Conspiracy theorists claim they have found a three-fingered ‘mummified humanoid’ with an elongated skull in a South American cave

They say the ‘mummified humanoid’ was found near the city of Nazca
It is around 5 foot 6 inches tall and has similar proportions to humans
But not everyone is convinced of the finding, and some suggest it is a plaster cast
One member of the team who ‘found’ the humanoid is also infamous for his involvement in several high-profile UFO hoaxes

A group of self-proclaimed paranormal researchers claims they have found proof of aliens near the city of Nazca in Peru.

The team says they have found a mysterious three-fingered ‘mummified humanoid’ with an elongated skull.

But not everyone is convinced of the finding, and one UFO expert says that this is simply a plaster cast model.

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Kim Wilde’s New Album Is Inspired by Aliens!

Broadcast on 09/04/2018 Kim Wilde chats to Christine about her latest album ‘Here Come the Aliens’ and how it was inspired by a series of lights she saw above her home. Kim also reveals she has no intention to undergo plastic surgery.

Kim Wilde (born Kim Smith; 18 November 1960) is an English pop singer, author, DJ, and television presenter who burst onto the music scene in 1981 with her debut single „Kids in America”, which reached number two in the UK. In 1983, she received the Brit Award for Best British Female solo artist. In 1986, she had a UK number two hit with her version of the Supremes’ song „You Keep Me Hangin’ On”, which also went on to be the major US hit, topping the charts there in 1987. Between 1981 and 1996, she had 25 singles reach the Top 50 of the UK singles chart.

Her other hits include „Chequered Love” (1981), „You Came” (1988) and „Never Trust a Stranger” (1988). In 2003, she collaborated with Nena on the song „Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime”, which topped the Dutch charts.

Worldwide, she has sold over 10 million albums and 20 million singles. Starting in 1998, while still active in music, she has branched into an alternative career as a landscape gardener.

Wilde released her new album in 2018, “Here Come the Aliens” after having an encounter with a UFO in 2009. While sitting in her garden she noticed something odd about the sky. As she beheld, there was a huge bright light behind a cloud. She curiously walked down the grass to track the source of the light and what she noticed was that the light was swiftly moving back and forth. She thought about it every day and it gave her the idea for her new album.

Kim Wilde claims alien encounters inspired her new album as fans praise her youthful appearance

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Turns Out There’s A Secret Vault Under The Vatican

That Might Be Concealing Explosive Information

Looking through YouTube comments, there seem to be several plausible theories:

„Everyone of those cocksuckers in there including the pope should be arrested and remove all artifacts and manuscripts and books for the people of the world then burn the place to the ground they are all a bunch of cri… and ped…”

„JB Robertson You got it, the wrong man. It isn’t everyone. It is almost everyone. Last year, a high ranking Catholic priest had a gay orgy in a Vatican apartment right next to St. Peter’s Basilica and they were all drugged out. The police couldn’t even talk with them since they were all high. It is sad the Roman Catholic center is a place of blasphemers. Just like the beta male anti- Christian Pope Francis claiming Jesus is equivalent to jihadi terrorists and that there is no hell.”

„No, the Pope wouldn’t be shouting Jesus is real, as they hate Christ and are closet Luciferians. They loath the fact that Jesus is God, the Pope wants that title.”, Did You Know ?

The Mystery Of Why There’s An “Alien” Gargoyle On A 12th-Century

The Mystery Of Why There’s An “Alien” Gargoyle On A 12th-Century Scottish Abbey May Have Been Solved

For years now, any sci-fi film buffs who have visited Paisley Abbey in Scotland may have been startled by an unnervingly familiar sight. There is something uncanny about a stone gargoyle on the structure’s lofty heights.

One of the decorative carvings on the centuries-old building’s exterior bears a striking resemblance to an all-too-
recognizable movie monster. The place of worship has become a place of pilgrimage and wonder for Ridley Scott fans. But now, the mystery of the Alien gargoyle looks to have been resolved once and for all.

„A stonemason restored decaying gargoyles on an old church in 1991 and (probably got fuckin high and) decided it would be fun to put a xenomorph as a gargoyle on the church.”

Contactee claims our Moon is Artificial and Was Brought Here from Another Galaxy

The famous contactee Alex Collier says that our Moon is artificial, it is actually an interstellar transport ship that has been brought here from a distant solar system. It contained an experiment conducted by the gray aliens and their reptilian masters: our genetically modified ancestors.

The book „Letters from Andromeda”, based on an idea by Job Robinson and Alex Collier, describes a telepathic conversation with alien beings from the Andromeda Galaxy. An ancient being called Moraney from the constellation of the Zenetae, transmitted important information to Collier, questioning the history of humanity, that is, the lies spread in our history books. The Andromian denounced the deception in which human beings are governed, the lies that govern our daily lives without our consent or awareness. We are not told anything about the real concerns of real life, let alone what is really happening in our Solar System.

„Well, if the moon was transporter it would certainly explain why loads of aliens are by the moon and why nasa has not returned to the moon.”
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