Linda Moulton Howe Reveals Some of the Biggest Secrets EVER Discovered

Linda Moulton Howe opens up her Real X-Files of revelations coming from whistleblowers, touching on the secret alien war, Antarctica and people in the alien abduction syndrome about friendly and unfriendly agendas of non-human intelligence from the ancient past to the present day. Interestingly, Howe gives an in-depth discussion on the strange phenomenon Navy pilot’s observed of UFOs in and around the South Pole, a secret 1954 training manual about ET technology.

Are we being toyed with by extraterrestrials? Are there entities somewhere out there waiting to gain entrance into our minds and hearts and souls through any means possible? Are we pawns in a cosmic chess game between the forces of light and darkness?

„I have had my DNA tested I am #6 out of 1100 relatives I have 274 markers of Neanderthal which 400 is the highest they have ever found. Is this why I see so many different types of unidentifiable objects? Is this the possibility we have 👽 DNA. MY SOUL DOES NOT BELONG ON THIS EARTH. I miss my home where ever that is. I have the deepest feelings that I don’t belong here.Since I was little I have said we are nothing more than an extraterrestrial child’s school project how we progress is how she/he gets graded. I hope they get A.”,UAMN TV

10 Ancient Inventions Science Can’t Explain!

„Have you ever seen videos and info on lost tribes? Real life people in remote locations who never advanced like the rest of humanity did. They haven’t even discovered the wheel yet. Lost tribes always have me contemplating. What if that wack job Ancient alien conspiracy theorists were half right? What if, and this is a big „what if”. The explanation for the undiscovered advanced technologies that archeologists believe some early civilizations had(Ex: the underground cities that archeologists discovered and stated could have only been built with a large drill-like excavation tool, as digging it in its particular state would have been impossible to do with primitive tools) and the explanation for the prehistoric cave drawings of astronaut looking humanoids and the ancient Sumarian carvings and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that both depict imagery resembling space ships, could be that there were once evolved or advanced humans/humanoids(not aliens) on earth and our early ancestors were seen as Tribes that were out of contact with society.

What if the beings that early humans interpreted as gods were actually humans that evolved, attempted to reconnect our ancestors with society, and moved on to other planets after they found out it wasn’t working out between us. You may think this is far-fetched, but in the late 1400s my native American ancestors thought the Spaniards who were dressed in armor, were supernatural creatures made of metal, they thought British naval ships of the colonial era were sea demons, and gun rifles were metal staffs that shot magic fire projectiles.

These lost Tribes today, probably think a plane is a divine sky bird, or that other people visiting are entities from another realm. By us visiting them, we may have just contributed to their religion. When I look at what happens with these Tribes today, then look at the advanced civilizations of the past, the concept of our early human ancestors being uncivilized Tribes living on a planet with an advanced human society, doesn’t seem so impossible. And considering that NASA is currently focusing on interstellar travel, and is set to continue putting a majority of their funds and focus on it for years to come, history may very well end up repeating itself.”

source:, MatthewSantoro

I Want to Believe

NEW Alien Secrets – Massive Disclosure You Were Never Meant to Hear

We have insider knowledge here that proves Aliens are visiting this planet in craft capable of traveling distances of many light years very quickly; effectively bypassing acceptably known physics. Further, Stone stresses that our recovery of these ET crafts and ufo artifacts have allowed our government to make staggering scientific gains of great potential benefit to the world. He maintains, as do many others, that this information is held in deeply secret programs beyond Constitutional controls and safeguards, and that despite the end of the cold war, those controlling these ‘black projects’ have continued to keep these important discoveries to themselves and for motives known only to them.

Sgt. Stone is coming forward with his story to encourage citizens and our elected officials to open investigations and end this Constitutional bypass by a powerful and covert organization operating under our noses and in our skies.

UFO disclosure may be close, do you know about the big picture? The alien agenda remains a mystery. NASA UFO’s have been recorded and the veil of secrecy continues. We have alien DNA we have hundreds of hours of video and Images. Yet the hoaxes continue and we await the governments’ disclosure of alien life.
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10 Pieces of Evidence Aliens Exist!

Some say it’s obvious we’re not alone, others scorn the very idea and still, others yet will hauntingly report their own experiences of alien probings following their casual night-time stroll through the fields of small-town America. But with everything from increasingly bizarre reportings from increasingly credible sources, with basic mathematical probability suggesting the likelihood of alien life, these days, scepticism is harder won. Whatever your opinions, you may well find that the following examples have some impact on them.

For as long as we can remember, humans have wondered if we are alone in the universe.In fact, in September 2013, a team of British scientists claimed a cell fragment found by a balloon flight in the upper atmosphere may be proof of life from space. While individuals and conspiracy theorists often come forward with new „proof” of alien visitations, even scientists have claimed to find evidence for extraterrestrial life. Here are our top five scientific claims for aliens.

Project Sign was an official U.S. government study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) undertaken by the United States Air Force and active for most of 1948.

Project Sign’s final report, published in early 1949, stated that while some UFOs appeared to represent actual aircraft, there was not enough data to determine their origin.

Project Sign was first disclosed to the public in 1956 via the book The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects by retired Air Force Captain Edward J. Ruppelt. The full files for Sign were declassified in 1961.,MatthewSantoro,Wikipedia

Best REAL UFO Sightings Caught On Camera In Space

Ufology is the study of reports, visual records, physical evidence, and other phenomena related to unidentified flying objects (UFO). UFOs have been subject to various investigations over the years by governments, independent groups, and scientists. However, ufology, as a field, is rejected by modern academia and is considered a pseudoscience.

Surveys of scientists and amateur astronomers concerning UFOs
In 1973, Peter A. Sturrock conducted a survey among members of the San Francisco chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, where 1175 questionnaires were mailed and 423 were returned, and found no consensus concerning the nature and scientific importance of the UFO phenomenon, with views ranging equally from „impossible” to „certain” in reply to the question, „Do UFOs represent a scientifically significant phenomenon?” [56] In a later larger survey conducted among the members of the American Astronomical Society, where 2611 were questionnaires mailed and 1356 were returned, Sturrock found out that opinions were equally diverse, with 23% replying „certainly”, 30% „probably”, 27% „possibly”, 17% „probably not”, and 3% „certainly not”, to the question of whether the UFO problem deserves scientific study. Sturrock also asked in the same survey if the surveyed had witnessed an event which they could not have identified and which could have been related to the UFO phenomenon, with around 5% replying affirmatively.

In 1980, a survey of 1800 members of various amateur astronomer associations by Gert Herb and J. Allen Hynek of the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) found that 24% responded „yes” to the question, „Have you ever observed an object which resisted your most exhaustive efforts at identification?

Unidentified Object Breaked A Mountain And Crash-Landed In Antarctica

That’s pretty crazy and undeniable that something odd happened there.

This took place on Sandwich Islands, Antarctica. A detachment of ice from a mountain and an object that seems to come out of there and leaves a groove. It’s there since 2011 and has not moved.

Watch the video: