Contactee claims our Moon is Artificial and Was Brought Here from Another Galaxy

The famous contactee Alex Collier says that our Moon is artificial, it is actually an interstellar transport ship that has been brought here from a distant solar system. It contained an experiment conducted by the gray aliens and their reptilian masters: our genetically modified ancestors.

The book „Letters from Andromeda”, based on an idea by Job Robinson and Alex Collier, describes a telepathic conversation with alien beings from the Andromeda Galaxy. An ancient being called Moraney from the constellation of the Zenetae, transmitted important information to Collier, questioning the history of humanity, that is, the lies spread in our history books. The Andromian denounced the deception in which human beings are governed, the lies that govern our daily lives without our consent or awareness. We are not told anything about the real concerns of real life, let alone what is really happening in our Solar System.

„Well, if the moon was transporter it would certainly explain why loads of aliens are by the moon and why nasa has not returned to the moon.”
source:Strange Things

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