Is the world going to end on April 18th as suggested in the creepy voicemail messages going around? And what about that weird guy that is showing up in the dreams of thousands of people? I got the answers to those #realorfake mysteries plus 3 more suspicious pictures sent in by you guys!

„Ok just saying here about that voice message it scared me (not even joking I was shaking when I heard it) and I’m glad that it’s proven fake”

The message left behind is a strange jumble of static, unidentifiable sounds, and various voices all layered one on top of the other. It’s pretty much impossible to decipher, even for quite a few of the audio experts who tried to lend a hand unscrambling the eerie recording. This, coupled with the fact that the poster claimed to have had a pretty bad bout of sleep paralysis the night before, upped the creep factor big time.

Looking through YouTube comments, there seem to be several plausible theories:
„April 18 is real for fortnight comet might not be a comet but an alien invasion and the vibration spells SOS418 WITCH STANDS FOR SAVE OUR SOULS and the number is April 18” – Aaron

„I know the dream was fake because reaction time watch it I think 2 or 1 year so I know it was fake”

„This man i saw in my a daydream and he was standing in my room in the middle of the night and he said i have a limited amount of days until someone or something was going to kill me or aliens might come from plant titan.23”

Creepy Voice Mail
This man in Your Dreams
A dog with human skull Markings
512-Year-old Shark
Tree Picture or Painting?

„To be honest I never dream of this man because I just saw the picture of last year and that is why I recognize it”
source: billschannel | Youtube

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