This is What They Found in Antarctica (4/3/2018)

Hey, guys, a new discovery has been made in Antarctica about there being land beneath the ice, There might be many new creatures that we have never seen before, I also have my own views on the subject matter.

Looking through YouTube comments, there seem to be several plausible theories:

„Hi VEDIC KNIGHT, greetings from North Alabama (US). I’ve been researching subjects like these (& then some) for many yrs & I want to thank you for your willingness to devote your channel to trying to uncover the truth. And per one of your other comments, although you’re aware many people have already seen this, it’s always good to cover stories like these again to ensure this important type of subject matter continues to reach as many people as possible. Thanks for your work. Just subbed.” – Eder

„Well I always knew of Antarctica we learned about it in geography, but I’m not surprised that there is a larger than life covers up about the history of man on this planet. The fact that they’ve lied about the history of black people to undermine them in history is a huge joke! Because their foot and handprints are all over the place and there is a known fact amongst European elites that the Egyptians would lose their knowledge and gain it back in the last days. I’m looking for fear to see what powers will rise up in these days and times to defeat this evil regime of liars whose main agenda is to destroy mankind.” – JustAmen

„have you noticed all countries down there are on the ice side, what is on the other side that has dirt? i think all the countries are down there to mine uranium. on the dirt side is where the evil fallen angels are, God did say when he flooded the earth to get rid of the giants (who became the demons) there were giants before the flood and also after the flood. these fallen angels they have known about for a long time, they are very intelligent and training men how to do evil, look at all the new tech stuff that could destroy mankind and the earth. i say this because i saw a UFO from 50ft. away in 1971, they are here and multiplying and very evil. it is their goal to destroy us and the planet, remember they hate God and us and God is the only one who can stop them. look up it is almost time for the return of Jesus. man can not control evil, evil control man if they do not know Jesus Christ as Lord.”
source:youtube|Vedic Knight

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