Giant “antenna” found in Antarctica – Awesome Sky Phenomenon Pictures ~ April 3, 2018

Wow, Mr. BBB333 wonders if the unusual shape of this snow arrangement in Antartica is some type of antenna or radiator? It just never ends. Just saying…

Please watch this video, give your own definition to the strange Arctic and weather-related phenomena, and…

„Very interesting. Not shooting down anyone’s ideas of what this is, not here to debunk but what i am seeing is an area in the ground that looks like either there is a rock formation under the snow and the design formed due to winds moving over the surface snow. It also appears there is a lot of stress fractures at the top and the center looks like there is a stress fracture running across this formation and I am thinking the ground is being pushed upwards which is causing this. As far as a man-made structure under the snow/ice like you stated it’s hard to tell and really make any conclusion of what it really is.

We have recently seen a lot of sinkholes, monster cracks opening up and this past week we have had like 3 quakes at a depth of 750km below the surface and from what I understand the USGS has never seen or recorded quakes at that depth, you should do a video on these 750km quakes I know one was in southern South America just like 3 or 4 days ago. Some really big earth changes are happening. Cool video thanks for sharing.”

” Looks like Maybe some extreme electric magnetic activity is going on in Antarctica.”, MrMBB333

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