Is This Proof Something Is Coming?

„I Live in Oregon City, Oregon and within past two weeks, my hummingbird have disappeared too. Ive been wondering what happened to him. It was him and a female that hung out with him. They braved the entire winter with me. Its been worrying me about what could have happened to them. My brand new cleaned and filled feeder has been sitting untouched for 1-2 weeks now. I cant believe you mentioned this. I had to let you know I am going thru the same thing, here” – Raptor

Looking through YouTube comments, there seem to be several plausible theories:

„That split sunset and the airplane portion of this video reminded me of what I saw on an airplane at 30K feet going from the west coast to the east coast one summer in the late afternoon. That high up, the sun setting on the west cast a shadow over the planet, which caused half the sky to be blue, and the other half was literally nighttime with stars out. There was a huge, curved sharp cutoff line. It was the coolest thing I ever saw.”

„The two ufos behind the chopper is most likely just one object…digital effect causing what appears to be the second ufo. Similar to the digital effects seen in the 90’s footage of Jose Escamilla’s rods. It does, however, appear to be a solid object.”

„As much as I like aliens, I am still a factual guy so I can say with about 80% certainty that those are ships off the coast.
Reasonings are:
1.) If you look at the city lights you can tell that the dark spots areas of water and this is located in that area
2.) The reason it appears to be „Floating” is due to an optical illusion, due to a lack of a reference area. i see the same reaction driving home over the bridge just east of the Newport News Ship Building Dockyard at night the water gets very dark to where it looks like an abyss and because it is so still it makes it seem as if the reflection of lights of building go underwater and underground (in a straight down motion) rather than horizontal, (what it is actually doing)
3.) If you actually look at the helicopter, It is in front of the lights, and above the city as the illumination from the lights below make the helicopter visible, further supporting that the lights are on the ground or at least over the Water.
4.) Some commercial Fishing boats Use spotlights and floodlight to illuminate the area and draw fish to the surface in the night time, some are so powerful they can be viewed from the ISS, from the dark side of the planet. If not a fishing boat it could also be the Navy conducting an operation, or a Coast Gaurd ship conducting an operation.
5.) The „Hovering” can be a multitude of thing. As previously stated before the Lack of a visual ground can perceive the things as moving even though they are far away, (keep in mind the recorder was zoomed in all the way and given the quality of the camera pre-zoom it was a recent camera meaning the zoom would be quite capable.) secondly is an Illusion that can happen in darkness and light, and its based on speed and distance. If you look at an object in the distance and match its horizontal speed, It will make it seem as if the object isn’t moving as long as there is nothing in the field of view signifying motion. Because the ocean was dark the City lights where Far away and the Altitude of the Plane nothing would really signify movement or at least actual speed. And it’s possible that Ships (especially coast guard or Navy) can keep up with a plane while the plane is in landing speed. This is quite literally the slowest the plane will get while still able to maintain flight do to flaps and inertial among other things.
As much as I want to see aliens you still have to look at all the possibilities, because the moment you pin everything on aliens is the moment you lose credibility, and credibility is lost much easier than obtained.
Love the video though keep it up”

„Suspicious0bservers has been posting a lot lately on magnetic changes to the earth, it may explain why the birds haven’t returned. Remotely, recently the North Pole has started to deviate from its normal area and is on its way through the ocean, where the south pole has left Antartica. Oddly they seem to be shifting toward one another. Hope this helps” – Nick,secureteam10

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