WEIRDEST PLANETS discovered by NASA Kepler Satellite

„This is a great video. Unfortunately, some of my fellow commentators fail to realize that the animated footage is not presented to deceive but to give a visual presentation of the possibilities of what these planets environments. It may be a couple of centuries if mankind does not destroy itself before we have the technology to explore these worlds. And this fascination of the stars began with our ancestor’s thousands of generations before us. It is this same quest for knowledge will continue for generations past us. One day they will explore these worlds.”

They’re out there lurking in the vastness of space planets so weird even science fiction could not foresee them for the first time ever scientists are discovering alien worlds beyond our solar system places where ice is hot and rain is made of iron they are uncharted on earthly and unpredictable.

„Thank you, my God, for everything you created. Everything in the Universe is unbelievably organized. I believe that there is a great Creator who is very powerful. I don’t understand how can most of the scientists be atheists? In my opinion, they should be the most believing people.

They say that Earth’s age is 4,5 billion years. In all this time Earth didn’t make a mistake in revolving, just in one second. Big Bang, it’s just a
brainwash. It’s just a theory, not a fact. Just a theory, but many people believe in it, maybe more than half of our planet. It’s very weird. How could an explosion make organized things??? Everything is very organized on our Earth: the atmosphere, wind pressure, Co2, the four seasons, fresh water, good soil for planting, heat (not too hot like Venus or too cold like other planets)……etc. For me, it’s much easier to understand that there is a great Creator who created everything than to understand that everything came by chance, by an explosion. Look everywhere around you, homes, factories…. we believe
that every building had an architect who designed it but what about the
source: Nick Thomas TV

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