China Payment Platform Meet BNI in Indonesia

Payment platforms from China Wechat Pay and Alipay meet one of the banks in Indonesia. Intending to develop business in Indonesia they meet with BNI. Bank Indonesia considers that the expansion of the two platforms will help a lot.

There are many online payments and the two have met with BNI. It can also support tourism potential in Indonesia. The two payments have the potential to bring in foreign exchange.

By bringing support and will state that it will make tourists enter the foreign exchange. They try to do a meeting aimed at making good results.

Alipay is one of the digital payment platforms developed in China established in Hangzhou in 2004 by Alibaba Group. While Wechat is one of the platforms that are relatively popular in China with active users as much as 800 million.

The platform can make its own appeal because it is one that can be given. Alipay and weChat pay can make tourism in Indonesia rise. This will make tourism growth come. The expectations of the two platforms are real targets.

There are clear targets, one of which is that. Two platforms can make tourism in Indonesia more attractive. Just imagine what was obtained in Indonesia with the condition of foreign tourists who kept coming would be better.

Payments that are popular in China can make Indonesia more foreign tourists. With this, it is clear that the meeting of the two platforms to BNI has already seen its target.

There are many good payment systems that will be very interesting. Of course when compared to what Indonesians make.

Many Indonesians make a payment system and this is one of the obstacles that occur when the creation of a local payment system has begun to develop, it will be faced with new problems, namely competition with other countries.

The actual competition will become lame when platforms from foreign countries promise there are tourists who come to Indonesia.