Johny Andrean, Successful Entrepreneur in the Field of Salon and Founder J.Co

Johny Andrean became a successful entrepreneur in Indonesia with 3 brands at the same time, J. CO Donuts & Coffee, Breadtalk, and Johnny Andrean Salon.

Johnny Andrean is a well-known franchise entrepreneur in Indonesia. The business success starts from the Salon business which is named Johny Andrean Salon. The salon business began in 1980 in North Jakarta. Having skills inherited from the mother made Johny succeed in developing Johny Andrean Salon.

After the successful Johnny Andrean Salon, he opened a franchise in the culinary field namely BreadTalk. The Singaporean bakery company was chosen because of its high taste and interest, so it is not impossible that BreadTalk will become the belle of Indonesian bread. The business began in March 2003 with the first outlet at the Mall Gading Gading, Jakarta.

Various innovations were carried out by this successful man. Because the bread making kitchen is designed to be visible from the display section, visitors can assess the level of cleanliness and sophistication of the manufacturing technology so that they are more confident in buying these food products. In addition, Johnny Andrean also maintained quality in terms of taste, aroma and cleanliness. This innovation is the spotlight of the visitors until the turnover of their outlets is always increasing.

After learning from the BreadTalk franchise business, Johnny Andrean felt he wanted to develop his own business in the culinary field. However, unlike BreadTalk, which was purchased from other companies, J.CO Donuts & Coffee is really the original stub. After doing a variety of research and science in the field of making bread obtained before opening BreadTalk outlets, Johnny Andrean finally decided to open J.CO Donuts & Coffee with the first outlet in 2005.

Until now, the number of J.CO Donuts & Coffee outlets in Indonesia has reached more than 100 outlets. In fact, this number does not include outlets opened in neighboring countries, namely Malaysia, Singapore, China, and the Philippines. It is not impossible that donut companies that have penetrated neighboring countries will take the hearts of consumers in the world.