The Success Story of Mario Polegati the Owner of the Fashion Brand of Geox Shoes

Mario Moretti Polegato is one of the successful entrepreneurs in the field of fashion from Italy the owner of the fashion brand Geox shoes.

This man born in 1952 started his business trip when he visited the United States to promote wine made by his family. Mario was still working in a family company that produces wine.

The business idea arose when Mario was traveling in a village in the US, with hot weather making the shoes he wore wet and then reflexively punching his shoes.

Here is the idea to make shoes that have Mario vent holes. After returning to Italy armed with this idea he tried to implement a business.

In 1995 it became the beginning of the establishment of a fashion shoe brand called Geox. Capital reckless without any experience in the previous shoe business Mario then looked for a brand name and contacted a number of shoe craftsmen to implement the design and idea of ​​shoes to be made.

After successfully producing shoes with the Geox brand and the desired design, then Mario did marketing and targeted the middle class as the target market for Geox shoes.

It doesn’t take a long time, with a marketing strategy that targets middle-class people and capital with good quality shoes that make Geox shoes sell well.

A few years ago, Geox shoes managed to become one of the famous fashion shoe brands in Italy. Innovations and design breakthroughs issued by Geox are indeed quite new in Italy which is one of the reasons why Geox shoes can be quickly accepted by the Italian people who are not very concerned about fashion.

In 2000 geox shoes successfully expanded into the international market by opening several outlets spread across Europe. For 15 years, Mario’s wealth has soared and even included in the order of 468 richest people in the world, according to Forbes magazine, with a wealth of US $ 1.5 billion.