Carline Darjanto Successful figure behind Cotton Ink

Success at a young age by doing business, maybe certainly not everyone can be like that. But the figure of this woman is able to prove at a young age that she is able to succeed in business, the woman figure is Carline Darjanto, CEO and Creative Director of the fashion brand Cotton Ink.

Carline Darjanto’s gait in the world of retail and e-commerce business led him to be included in the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia list of young people under the age of 30. Acting as CEO and Creative Director of the Cotton Ink fashion brand, Forbes said Carline was one of the founders of cool fashion labels from Indonesia.

Entering the prestigious list certainly makes this 28-year-old woman proud and happy. However, the award was also seen as a driver to try to be better in developing his business.

Cottonline was founded by Carline Darjanto with one of his good friends, Ria Sarwono. In 2008, they both together started cotton ink with the aim of adding pocket money after graduating from college. In the beginning, Carline made cotton ink a side job, but due to the growing demand from customers, Carline finally ventured to focus solely on raising cotton ink as its main job.

Armed with a passion for the fashion world, Carline tried to raise cotton ink together with Ria.

Many things happened, fell and woke up repeatedly they experienced until finally, Cotton ink had dozens of employees. They only believe that one-day Cottonink will become the top Indonesian brand that can only be realized with hard work and strategy.

Carline also added that perseverance, innovation, attention to customer desires, and good team building are the keys to cotton ink’s success.

Carline acknowledged that it was not easy to build a business from the beginning together with someone who has a different character, but he made it as the biggest challenge in his life. “How can we be a strong, solid team and overcome all the differences that are the biggest challenge. Our focus is only one thing, how to raise the cotton ink brand.”

Carline, who first made a label, acknowledged that a brand and business have many important elements, not just creativity and design.