Profile of Successful Entrepreneurs Nina Septiana Develops Women’s Muslim Clothing Business

The Muslim fashion trend for women is indeed endless. Various models of Muslim clothes every year are always different this is what is trying to be captured. She is a woman named Nina Septiana making it a Muslim fashion business for womenfolk today.

Nina Septiana has been in the Muslim fashion business for women since 2012 by labeling her Muslim clothing with the label Sanniya and Sharia.

After running almost 5 years after Sanniya and Sharia went on, in 2016 Nina changed the label of her Muslim women’s clothing business with the label Nina Nugroho.

The initial capital for the label Nina Nugroho is around Rp. 400 million for production costs such as materials, tailors, accessories to finishing. Nina Nugroho’s first production was clothing, outer, abaya, skirts, robes, and pashmina.

Nina said unexpectedly, the label received a good response from the buyer. As of 2016, the turnover recorded by Nina Nugroho reached IDR 5 billion a year or around IDR 400 million per month.

As an Indonesian woman entrepreneur who is smart at seeing opportunities, Nina always markets women’s Muslim fashion products Nina Nugroho to various department stores and other markets such as boutiques.

The unique thing that Nina applied through Nina Nugroho, the present Muslim women’s fashion, is the Muslim women’s clothing. By the concept that is used to have a design concept that is not only ready to use or has been made, but the concept can be used and used by anyone.

Starting from a hobby and seeing opportunities that are the key to success and the beginning of this beautiful woman became one of the successful Muslim fashion entrepreneurs in Indonesia with a turnover reaching hundreds of millions per month.

For those of you women who are looking for Muslim clothes that are suitable and up-to-date, you can directly buy through the official website