Cosmas Gozali Architects of Indonesia’s Pride Go International

Indonesia deserves to be proud of this young man, this is the young man named Cosmas Gozali Cosmas Gozali is a young Indonesian architect who is well-known internationally.

This young architect graduated from Technische Universitats Wien, Vienna, Austria has received many awards thanks to his extraordinary works, including winning the IAI Award Winning Team in 2002 for the work of the Origami House located in Bandung, and the Opera House located in Jakarta.

His success in the field of architects made him one of the architects known by architectural professionals both in Indonesia and internationally. In addition to his proud achievements, Cosmas Gozali is also known as an architect who has high taste and has its own characteristics in the application of his work.

A prominent feature is, Cosmas often uses bright colors and white as one of the colors for his work. This is because, Cosmas wants to interact more with nature and better utilize the sun’s potential for its rooms.

In addition, Cosmas also includes an architect who has a harmonious and balanced understanding. Understand this is not only applied to color but into the decoration of a room too. For the room, he focuses more on the harmony between the inner room and the outside room. This harmony is very important, because it deals with the harmony of yin and yang in our lives.

Now, Cosmas has become an architect to be proud of by all people, especially the Indonesian people. With experience in the field of architects since the age of 9 years, Cosmas has listed himself as one of the architects from Indonesia who has a large influence on the international scene.