Marselinus Silimalar Entrepreneurs of Go International Rattan Crafts

Being a businessman is the dream of Marselinus Silimalar. Although he already had a profession as a programmer, Marselinus who was educated D-1 Computer Systems Analyst continued to pursue his dream. Every time there is a business opportunity, without hesitation he tries to wrestle it.

Until one day Marselinus found a rattan craft business opportunity. Although he did not have the experience and knowledge of rattan, he also did not know the intricacies of the rattan business. He saw the rattan craft business had good prospects because it offered the uniqueness of Indonesia. In addition, rattan crafts also get a place in the hearts of the people of Indonesia.

From the beginning of production in 2009, market demand was very high, which actually came from European and American countries. This gave rise to a strong spirit of becoming a big player in the field of rattan crafts. In fact, in order to focus on running a business, he decided to resign from a job that had given him a salary and a pretty good position.

By involving more than 100 expert weavers from several regions, including Curug, Tangerang, Seloagro now produces various types of rattan baskets for homes & decorations, baskets for plants such as pots, storage (multipurpose boxes), to bicycle baskets and accessories.

From the results of Seloagro products, 95% to meet the export market demand. Europe – Netherlands, Britain, Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic – still absorb the most Tangerang-made products, which is 80%. The rest, 10% is accepted by the American market and the other 5% is for several countries, including Australia and South Africa.

Since 2012, the turnover is US $ 100 thousand-1 million per year which reached its peak in 2014. However, due to world economic problems and increasing attention to the quality of the company, in this case social compliance such as certification, since 2015 the turnover has declined somewhat.