Creativity of Furniture Industry Entrepreneurs Penetrating the Global Market

Don’t underestimate used teak wood. In the hands of creative people, used teak can be a valuable item. In fact, products from their creativity can be marketed overseas.

Ferryal, CEO and owner of Seken Living or CV Seken, a company that seeks to preserve the environment and is committed to using reclaimed teak wood as the main material in the furniture industry. This solid wood-based furniture company was established in 2014 in Yogyakarta. In this Student City, the main office and factory are located.

The display space is located in Bali. Next year, this company will make a display room also in Yogya.

Seken Living’s creative work has been exported since 2015 to various countries. Among other things, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, China, South Korea, India, Russia, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, Netherlands, France, Greece, Czech, Canada, and the United States.

Because reusing old wood from old houses and buildings, Seken Living did not do tree felling. Broken old wood is an attraction and a challenge to be explored into a product that is very valuable and contains elements of history.

Initially, Seken Living focused on making furniture such as tables and cabinets. In the following years, there were developments in decoration products using teak roots. Next, do the development by making wooden tableware which is decorated with carvings, such as plates, spoons, and bowls.

The challenge he faces today is global business competition. As we know, China can sell products that are very cheap. Even in Indonesia, most furniture products are from China.

The business performance continues to grow. In 2015 (since the start of exports), the company managed to achieve a turnover of Rp. 8 billion and continued to increase to date: as of September 2018, it reached Rp. 22 billion.