Diajeng Lestari Successfully Reaches Muslim Fashion E-Commerce

This young woman successfully ventured into the Muslim fashion business called Hijup.com, Diajeng Lestari successfully brought Hijup.com to become one of the leading Muslim fashion brands in Indonesia using the E-Commerce system.

This 32-year-old woman before plunging and establishing a Muslim fashion business Hijup.com is a private employee in one of the companies in Jakarta.

His hobby of doing business is indeed transmitted from the mother who works as an entrepreneur. As a child, Diajeng was often invited by her mother to go around to see bazaars and various entrepreneurial exhibitions, from where her hobbies and knowledge of the business world began to be known to Diajeng.

In the future, there may be many who do not know who Diajeng Lestari is, if you know Bukalapak founder Ahmad Zaky Nah Diajeng is the wife of the founder of Bukalapak.

Established in 2011, Hijup.com immediately entered the E-Commerce. The period of struggle in raising the online mall is not easy. Because, Diajeng Lestari must also serve as Director, Manager, and office girl for his business. While in the IT department, he was assisted by her husband who at that time also owned an IT company.

Other obstacles he encountered were also not small, Ajeng’s business was considered to be one-sided and believed to have no impact on his business partners. But he also missed that with the real thing.

As for the reason he chose the e-commerce Muslim fashion business because at that time he had difficulty getting the latest Muslim fashion. Whereas the company demands that it always appear fashionable, clean and neat despite wearing a hijab.

The opportunity was also captured by Diajeng Lestari and wished to make Muslim fashion products complete and exclusive. According to him, in 2011 there were already many famous Muslim clothing brands, but at that time they were not well-systemized, so he also created a platform for Muslim fashion designers.

Different from before, nowadays, Hijup.com has become one of the fashin of famous Muslims, even Hijup.com is the first fashion business to utilize E-Commerce in terms of marketing and product introduction. Hijup.com is now a success in the international market of 50 countries with a variety of superior fashion products.