Aesta Fajar Owner of Alra Brand Local Leather Bags from Indonesia

Aesta Fajar Owner of Alra Brand Local Leather Bags from Indonesia is one example of a successful young entrepreneur from Indonesia who has plunged into the world of fashion bags with a turnover reaching hundreds of millions per month.

Alra Brand originated from the city of Yogyakarta precisely in one of the central skin areas in Yogyakarta, Bantul. In the beginning of pioneering business, Fajar called his familiar with his five friends to build a leather bag business with strong enthusiasm and determination. Not having employees of all production, marketing and shipping activities carried out by these five people.

But a persistent and clever struggle takes advantage of the opportunity to make Alra a local Indonesian leather bag brand capable of developing and being recognized and accepted by Indonesian consumers. Until finally Fajar and his friends were able to employ 20 employees divided into several divisions.

Before starting the dawn leather bag business, the thing that was never forgotten and at the core of Alra’s leather bag business was when they met accidentally with the owner of PT Harpa Inti Mandiri Wawan Harmawan at the Kadin Office in Yogyakarta.

Fajar and his four friends were looking for a company for an internship, and heard Fajar’s conversation and his four friends, Wawan, then offered to do an internship in his company.

The offer was immediately agreed by Fajar and his friends. But Fajar said that they not only want work internships, they also want to learn to do business. Wawan also fulfilled the request by offering a business incubator program.

Fajar and four of his friends agreed to choose batik leather bags and canvas motifs as their business.

“Why do we choose these two ingredients, because seeing the potential of Yogyakarta is leather and batik,” he said.

Fajar’s business and his friends began in 2015. They got a loan from the owner of the Core Harp of Rp. 15 million as capital to buy raw materials. Dawn focused on targeting the Eve market 25-55 years old.

Tal is suspected of being a business that started from an accidental meeting at this time to be a success and develop and even able to become one of the local Indonesian leather bag manufacturers who succeeded in the domestic market with turnover reaching hundreds of millions per month.