Getting Closer with Indonesian Successful Entrepreneurs Alexander Tedja

Alexander Tedja, a man born September 22, 1945, is a successful businessman from Indonesia in the property business and shopping areas.

At the beginning of his career, Alexander Tedja had a background as a businessman engaged in film and cinema.

Several types of businesses that were successfully carried out were PT ISAE FILM in 1972, PT Menara Mitra Cinema Corp in 1977, and PT Pan Asiatic Film since 1991.

Those are some companies about cinema and cinema that were successfully developed by Alexander.

However, you need to know that in 1982, Alexander began to stir into the world of property and mall business. Through PT Pakuwon Jati Tbk, he bought resistant land located on Jalan Basuki Rahmat, Surabaya.

At that time, it started its first property business by opening the Plaza Tunjungan I. project. The project began operations in 1986.

With the success achieved by Plaza Tunjungan I, Alexander increasingly eager to build the next project.

From there finally came the construction of new projects for Plaza Tunjungan II and Plaza Tunjungan III.

Then followed by the construction of Sheraton Surabaya, Hotels and Towers, Condominium Regensi, Menara Mandiri, to Plaza Tunjungan IV. All of the follow-up projects began operating in 2002.

Of all the successes that have been built by Alexander, finally PT Pakuwon Jati Tbk successfully entered the Indonesia Stock Exchange list in 1989.

In addition to succeeding in the construction of the mall, Alexander also succeeded in carrying out residential construction that had been started since 1994. The housing built by him was named Pakuwon City.

With all the success he got through the Pakuwon Group, finally Alexander Tedja was named the richest person in Indonesia at number 34 in 2014. At that time his wealth reached 935 million US $.