Success Story of Cynthia Southeast Founder Berrykitchen

Success in being a catering businessman, that is what experienced by a beautiful woman named Cynthia Tenggara founder Foof Berrykitchen.

Cynthia is an alumni of the Public Relations Department from Pelita Harapan University. Actually Cynthia is not a woman who likes to cook, and does not have a qualified experience in the business sector at all.

Before becoming a catering entrepreneur, he had worked as a creative team at RCTI TV station, Public Relations Manager at the Cinta Anak Bangsa Foundation (YCAB), and Account Manager at Groupon Indonesia.

Armed with the support of her husband and experience in the world of e commerce, this successful woman decided to start her own startup business.

In 2012 he began opening the online catering under the name Berrykitchen. Berrykitchen is the only catering company that offers 15-20 different menus every day. All of these menus can be ordered online through the Berrykitchen website.

Until now Berrykitchen claims to have served nearly 245 thousand food ordering boxes for 7,000 customers. Surely this success led Berrykitchen to become one of the startup companies that won 500 million investment trust from ANGIN which is an Angel Investment network formed by GEPI (Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia). Not long ago Berrykitchen managed to get an investment worth 1.25 million US dollars, equivalent to 1.66 billion rupiah from Sovereign Capital.

Not playing with the courage to choose the commerce food business Berrykitchen produced results by being crowned Berrykitchen with a series A investment label. Surely this is not something that is achieved instantly, because Cynthia does not have a background in the culinary field, then how about her success story with Berrykitchen.