Learning From the Success of Steve Jobs Expose Apple

Who is not familiar with Steve Jobs who is the founder of Apple and one of the influential figures in the field of technology.

Steve Jobs himself died in 2011, but thanks to his discovery in the field of technology and his success in developing Apple to become the world’s best technology company making his name always remembered even his thoughts inspired many people to successfully build a brand.

Steve Jobs is not a grandiose inventor. Actually he is just a copycat of products that already existed, but cannot be equated with plagiarism.

There are terms in the digital world “Some innovations create invention”, meaning that some innovations can create a finding.

When launching the Macintosh (the first Apple computer product), Steve Jobs managed to shift the popularity of IBM computers with Microsoft as its Operating System. But who would have thought if the user interface on Macintosh at that time mimicked the user interface on Xerox’s PARC? Xerox was researching a graphical display for the computer. But it hasn’t been published yet, their idea was “stolen” first by Steve Jobs.

Likewise when launching the iPhone, the pioneer of touch screen screens for mobile phones. The iPhone actually mimics the design of the Sony mobile phone, which is flat with a touch screen.

So, almost no product is purely made by Steve Jobs or Apple’s own company. Everything imitates and modifies existing ones.

But there are benefits that Apple gets from using this ATM system (Observe, Imitate, and Modify). With the ATM technique, Apple can save time for product research. Instead, they have a lot of time and resources to dominate the market. So, Apple managed to build their brand and become the number 1 gadget manufacturer in the world.