Haji Haryanto Success Story Owner of PO Haryanto

Haji Haryanto is the figure behind the success of PO Haryanto being one of the leading transportation services companies in Indonesia.

Haji Haryanto is the owner of the Haryanto Autobis company located in Kudus City. Haryanto, who is usually called Pak Haji, now has more than 80 Night Buses and Tourism operating on the island of Java.

Starting a career, not as an entrepreneur, Haryanto was a member of the Army. Interrupted by his busy life as a member of the TNI, he ventured to buy city transportation and drive himself. Over time the fleet is increasing. Because he was worried about disrupting his task in his unit, Haryanto chose early retirement from members of the TNI with the last rank of Chief Corporal.

This is where the business developed and PO Haryanto stood firm until now. The PO Haryanto Garage is in Ngembal Kudus. Haryanto is a very simple yet modest person. In developing the bus business, Haryanto adheres to Islamic values. In a large garage stands a mosque.

In each fleet, it is always written the prayer of the Messenger. As a prayer and a request for salvation for the lord of the Great Prophet Muhammad SAW. He very obliged his employees to pray and to remind him constantly. Throughout the day the garage is always crowded with fleet maintenance activities. But when the call to prayer arrived, there was almost no activity. Where are they? Of course getting ready for prayer in congregation.

After the prayer, Haryanto, who was simple, friendly or a working partner for employees, is now a modest father and teacher. He pumps the mental-spiritual of the employees through regular lectures to get closer to Allah SWT. Not to forget, he always prayed for the employees and passengers of PO Haryanto to be given safety and blessing from Allah SWT.

Nearly all employees ranging from laundry workers, mechanics to the driver assessing Pak Haji is a good role model. Not only the welfare of employees who are always prioritized, but also worship. That’s what makes them feel at home. Since returning from the holy land, he promised to dispatch his employees to the Hajj. From year to year, one by one the employees become guests of Allah SWT.

And currently, 19 Haryanto employees have been registered for the Hajj. The fruit of patience, prayer, and excellent service from the crew, PO Haryanto has become one of the prima donnas of the capital’s nomads. Almost all bus routes are always full, even lacking the fleet. At the time of the weekend departure, ticket sales officers do not need to scramble to find passengers at the terminal. They simply signed up for prospective passengers because tickets were sold out during the day.