Peter Sondakh Rajawali Group Owner Success Stories

Peter Sondakh is one of the successful entrepreneurs in Indonesia who entered the big 1-0 row of the richest people in Indonesia in 2018 in the Forbes magazine.

Peter Sondakh was born in Manado, July 23, 1953. Peter, as he is familiar, was born as a son of a businessman. His father had a business in exporting wood and coconut oil since 1954 so that the blood of the business had indeed run into the soul of Peter Sondakh since childhood.

In 1984, Peter Sondakh built a company named PT Rajawali Wira Bhakti Utama. This company which later became the forerunner of Rajawali Corpora.

Before pioneering Rajawali, Peter actually owned a business through share ownership in PT Bumi Modern. The company is engaged in the property business.

His efforts in raising his companies bear fruitful results. PT Rajawali Wira Bhakti Utama became a business giant by the name of Rajawali Corpora.

Some successful business sectors are managed by Rajawali Corpora. For example, I established the RCTI television station in 1987, the Express Group taxi company in 1989, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts in 1990, the acquisition of the cigarette company Bentoel Group in 1991, and established XL in 1995.

Not enough to get there, Rajawali Corpora continues to expand its business. Starting from building Velo Networks in 2001, acquiring Bukit Asam Transpacific Railways in 2010, until the acquisition of Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta in 2011.

This is coupled with the establishment of 2014 Rajawali Television (RTV), 2014 BW Plantation (BWPT) in 2014, and 2014 Fortune Indonesia (FORU).

Then in 2015, Rajawali Corpora founded Eagle High Plantations, developing Langkawi International Convention Center (LICC) in Malaysia, to build St. Regis Langkawi Hotels and Resorts in 2016.

Thanks to the business empire he built, Peter Sondakh was able to achieve a wealth of up to US $ 1.9 billion or IDR 27 trillion. No wonder that Forbes magazine places it on the list of the top 10 richest people in Indonesia.