Handy Rumaisha Successful Business in Buying and Selling Used Cars in Indonesia

Not a few people who become businessmen or entrepreneurs accidentally. This inspirational story came from Handy Rumaisha, who successfully entered the business of buying and selling used cars under the name Handy Auto.

A car he bought in 2008 became the initial capital to start a business. Starting From Fun Selling 1 Car, Now Success Become a Car Buying and Selling Entrepreneur.

Handy started a business selling used cars with an accident. In 2008, Handy, who at that time was a private employee, bought a car for Rp. 103 million. Because they don’t have more funds to repair, finally the car is advertised again for sale. Not long ago the car sold at a price of Rp111 million. Profit Rp.8 million!

Almost the same thing happened again. Handy bought a car again and began to casually sell the second car at a high price.

“I thought about trying to sell again at a high price, assuming if it didn’t sell well, I really intended to use it. Out of expectations, my second car sold again at high prices and made a decent profit, “Handy continued happily.

Successfully selling the car for the second time made Handy sure to go into the business of buying and selling this car.

“In 2008 only one car was capitalized, now the stock can reach 35-40 units,” Handy continued.

The success of Handy who was able to gain millions of rupiah in profits could not be separated from his motivation to continue to make money. In fact, thanks to his motivation, he has opened 3 showrooms, tour and travel business units to auto detailing.

Although he claimed to have felt at a dead end because of money difficulties after buying the first car, in fact, Handy successfully pursued this business.

For marketing, Handy doesn’t play games. He is ready to pour money of at least Rp. 15 million per month for business promotion, especially in cyberspace. “The effective place is on the internet and thinks out of the box,” he said.

Now, Handy dreams of continuing to expand his business and be consistent with the business units he has built from the beginning.