The owner of “Istana Payung”, Johanes Paulus Young Preneurs Successfully Turned Hundreds of Million

The rainy season has arrived. Umbrella is one of the items that must be taken when traveling. This is what young people named Johanes Paulus used to open a business called Istana Payung, whose core business is selling umbrellas.

Johanes Paulus, a man who graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Bundi Mulia, indeed has the desire to focus on business. In 2008 with IDR 50 million in cash, Johanes ventured to build his own business by establishing Istana Payung. He rented a shop to sell his umbrellas. According to him, the umbrella business still has good prospects. Because, Indonesia has a tropical climate, and the umbrella business is very dependent on rainy weather.

What is unique about the shop of Johanes Paulus Payung Palace is that the umbrella designs sold are taken and designed according to the umbrella themes of various countries. Another thing Johanes tried to offer when there were umbrella buyers who came to the Istana Payung shop and bought umbrellas were always told tips on caring for the umbrella.

For the price of a self-priced umbrella at Payung Palace, you can say it varies from the cheapest IDR 17,500 to IDR 250,000 according to the type of umbrella and umbrella design itself.

In addition to the offline market, now he is also developing to target the online market through websites, social media, and marketplaces. This strategy is believed to be able to gain a very significant buyer for his umbrella shop.

With the persistence and consistency of marketing Umbrella Palace Umbrella products, Johanes successfully made a profit that could be said to be not small. Every month the turnover made by Johanes Paulus can penetrate the figure of up to IDR 100,000 million with 10 employees.