Joseph Theodorus Wulianadi, “Mr. Joger” Owner of a Popular Souvenir Shop in Bali

If vacationing on the island of Bali is indeed incomplete if you don’t buy and visit popular Balinese souvenirs, namely Joger Shop.

Through the word games pinned on each product and various eccentric sales details, Joger has a special attraction for souvenir hunters who are traveling to the island of Bali.

Joger was founded by Joseph Theodorus Wuliandi on January 19, 2981. Joger stands for the name Joseph and the best friend of Gerhard. Slowly but surely Joger is slowly developing to the present size.

If you imagine the Joger souvenir business that has been as big as now, we must see Joseph’s struggle to develop his business really starting from the bottom. At present, perhaps the Joger factory already has a variety of complete and sophisticated production equipment, once all done manually by the man nicknamed Mr. The joger.

Assisted by his wife, he worked on the process of making words that would be printed on his t-shirt product. After that, because he did not have his own printing machine, he then passed the product for printing at a printing service. Only after the finished goods, Joseph will sell them at his kiosk.

In addition to being better known, Joseph initially relied on word of mouth promotion strategies. He visited tourists and tour guides directly and asked to participate in promoting Joger kiosks. Initially it was not easy, but more and more tourists who knew Joger were increasing.

Until its peak on July 7, 1987, Jeseph decided to build a large Joger outlet located on Jalan Raya Kuta area. From initially focusing on T-Shirt products, now Joger also sells a variety of other products including sandals, shoes, bags, glassware, clocks, stickers and various other unique works.

After struggling to grow his business now Mr. Joger just reap the rewards. Now, the image for travelers, especially local tourists, has been embedded, it seems if you are not complete without buying Joger souvenirs.