Novita Dewi Owner of the House of Ende Brand of Ende Ethnic Premium Bag Brand

Amidst the huge market competition with international brand bags, it did not make Novita Dewi the owner of the House Of Ende boutique to do business with a traditional local theme.

Established in 2014, House Of Ende sold bags of local brands by raising Indonesian culture as icons of images and patterns outside the bag. With the characteristic of batik and weaving, making premium ethnic Ende bags by Novita Dewi is able to steal the local bag competition market in Indonesia.

Novita admitted that Ende bag has more uniqueness, such as customization, lifting Indonesian local culture (seasonal every six months), high-quality crafting, innovation and Research & Development (assisted by the design team from IKJ and design schools), as well as stire for thes best – continue important – kaizen.

For the price itself, Novita Dewi did not record prices too high because the target market was indeed more specific in some circles. Prices are priced around IDR 4 – 12 Million depending on the style and design itself.

Novita herself still wants to develop Ende Ethnic Premium Bag products in order to be able to go international and reach a larger international market. Until now, it has already begun to be marketed in several countries in Asia and Europe but is still on a limited scale.

Seeing that the development from year to year is not impossible later Novita Dewi wants to open a large exhibition with traditional Indonesian brands because in fact, Indonesian products that are on the international market are most popular because they have traditional Indonesian elements and that is characteristic.

For the local market itself, Novita Dewi, the House of Ende Boutique Owner, is sure to be able to compete with international brand products because the Ende Ethnic Premium Bag Brand has characteristics that other bag brands don’t have.