Platform Car Buying and Selling in Indonesia

Buying and selling used cars in Indonesia are increasingly attractive to most Indonesians. Seeing this potential, Ardyanto Alam created a digital platform for buying and selling used cars under the name

The increasingly mushrooming platform for buying and selling in Indonesia does not dampen Ardyanto Alam’s intention to make seeing from the other side Ardyanto saw that at this time amidst the many platforms instead, the people who would buy used cars were confused, and appeared to offer a solution by carrying the automotive marketplace.

Now to get deeper into the advantages of other used car automotive marketplaces, includes features that most automotive marketplaces in Indonesia haven’t used yet, namely inspection and personal assistant features.

Ardyanto explained that the inspection feature provides car checking services carried out by expert mechanics. The goal, so that prospective car buyers know the condition of the car comprehensively so that they are not fooled by the seller. “We are working with the Nawilis workshop, one of the leading workshops in Jabodetabek that has 17 branches,” he said.

For the personal inspection feature, the workshop will send a mechanic to the address of the used car for sale, then check, the results of the checking will be submitted as report material to prospective sellers. For the cost, itself is indeed pegged by type of car.

Not only an inspection feature, but prospective buyers will also be spoiled with a personal assistant feature. The assistant is ready to give advice and help in choosing a car and to do a credit simulation.

These facilities and features that Ardyanto Alam at tried to highlight as one of the automotive marketplaces in Indonesia.