Indonesian Millennials “30 Under 30 Forbes 2018”

Reporting from Forbes in the April 2018 edition, this world famous magazine released 10 categories of “30 Under 30 Asia” in several categories including Art, Entertainment & Sports, Finance & Venture Capital, Media, Marketing & Advertising, Retail & E-commerce, Enterprise Technology, Industry, Manufacturing & Energy, Healthcare & Science, and Social Entrepreneurs.

From this category there are 30 influential young people in Asia, Indonesia contributes 10 millennial generations that enter “30 Under 30 Asia” from several different categories, here are the following 10 Indonesian millennials in “30 Under 30 Fobes 2018”.

– Brian Imanuela (Entertainment & Sports)

Brian Imanuela or commonly called by the name Rich Chigga is a young Indonesian rapper whose name has soared in recent years. A profession as a musician with the category of Entertainment & Sports through his first single entitled “Dat Stick” in 2016 and was able to make himself known to the public both in Indonesia and internationally.

Fame and natural talent as a rapper made Rich Chigga go International hold various shows in the United States and collaborate with singers such as musician Pharrell Williams.

– Yohanes Sugihtonugroho and Muhammad Risyad (Social Entrepreneurs)

Establishing Crowde in 2016, Yohanes and Muhammad Risyad created a digital platform intended for places or containers to help Indonesian farmers to get capital so they could develop their agricultural businesses.

– Dian Pelangi (Arts)

It’s beautiful and has a hijab that’s Dian Pelangi. As an Indonesian designer and influencer, Dian Pelangi is able to present stylish Muslim fashion with its distinctive colors globally. The fashion model by Dian Pelangi is currently one of the role models of the hijab fashion for young people in Indonesia, so it is appropriate for her to be included in Forbes’ “30 Under 30 Asia”.

– Fransiska Hadiwidjana (Retail and E-Commerce)

The bright idea of smart woman Fransiska Hadiwidjana created Prelo to make herself worthy of being included in Forbes, initiating the application of buying and selling quality goods with various innovative features that made her succeed in being awarded the Biodemical field in Silicon Valley.

– Talita Setyadi (Arts)

Not playing around with pastry directly in Paris, Talita Setyadi successfully opened BEAU. His expertise in the pastry field is internationally recognized so he was chosen as a judge at The World Pastry Cup in 2017.

– Adrian and Eugenie Patricia Agus (Arts)

The founder of Pudding Puyo has successfully developed a dessert type business that is currently booming. Established since 2013 Pudding Puyo serves dessert dishes ready to eat with various flavors.

– Reynold Wijaya and Iwan Kurniawan (Finance & Venture Capital)

Established a digital platform with the name Modalku that accommodates capital funding for SMEs, the agribusiness sector runs business smoothly through financing from investors.

– Marshall Utoyo and Krishnan Menon (Retail & E-Commerce)

Fabelio is a company owned by Marshall and Krishnan that runs in the field of retail furniture. With the concept for

Make it easier when looking for the desired product. That way, Marshall and Krishna helped to upload designs that were owned by national furniture designers in Fabelio, then produced and distributed.

– Stanislaus Mahesworo Christandito Tandelilin (Retail & E-Commerce)

The Salestock founder of a women’s clothing marketplace with a quality product concept but at an affordable price makes this man included in the “30 Under 30 Asia” version of Forbes 2018.

– Jeff Hendrata and Andrew Tanner Setiawan (Media, Marketing & Advertising)

These two men are the founders of Karta who successfully catapulted the name Karta to become one of the companies that provide advertising media on motorbikes. Karta’s clients are currently large companies such as Unilever, P & G and Astra Telkomsel and have spread to more than 20 cities in Indonesia.