Success Stories of Eugenie Patricia and Adrian Christopher Agus “Puyo Silky Dessert”

Puyo Silky Dessert is a dessert pie dish that has been booming among pie lovers in Indonesia in the past few days. Eugenie Patricia and Adrian Christopher Agus are the brothers behind the success of Puyo Silky Dessert.

That successful young Indonesian entrepreneur who is said to be a very young sibling, Eugenie Patricia is 22 years old and Adrian Christopher Agus is 25 years old.

Puyo Silky Dessert was first present among dessert lovers in 2014, a boom through Instagram, indeed, the success of Puyo is very fast. Offering dessert pudding that is different from usual with a soft taste and texture and has a variety of colors that make Puyo Silky Dessert preferred.

Although it began to boom in 2014, the duo had started making and trying to make soft pudding in 2013. Initially, during the month of Ramadhan, the two brothers made soft pudding and gave it to neighbors, friends, and relatives.

As a result of the initial try they both received an enthusiastic response since then they began to earnestly go into the dessert food business by giving their brand name Puyo Silky Dessert.

Having a basic education in the field of business and management both Patricia and Christoper have no trouble developing their business. Utilizing Instagram social media makes Puyo Silku Dessert known to the Indonesian people and getting orders in large quantities. That’s where the success of the siblings began to skyrocket.

Three months of selling online through Instagram, Puyo Silky Dessert was a big success. October 2013, Adrian then decided to rent space and present the Puyo Silky Dessert booth at Living World Alam Sutra.

In addition to pudding with various flavors such as taro, strawberry, bubblegum, banana, green tea, mango, hazelnut, and chocolate, which are sold at IDR 12,500, – Puyo Silky Dessert provides a new menu, Puyo Silky Drink with blue citrus flavor choices, iced latte, and milky strawberry. January 2013, Adrian then added another official Puyo Silky Dessert booth at Gandaria City.

At present various variants of colorful pudding can also be found also in many resellers who are famous restaurants in the South Jakarta area, Kelapa Gading, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Bekasi and Bandung. Some of them are Dapur Ciragil, Newbury Cafe and many more.

This business was built by Adrian and Eugene with an initial capital of IDR 5,000,000, which until now has not been added to the injection of funds anymore, but managed to provide a turnover of almost hundreds of millions of outlets and resellers.