Wandy Rustandy Business Success of “Interlook” Interior Design Services

Developing interior design and architecture services company, Wandy Rustandy successfully brought his brand “Interlook” to get recognition as one of the interior design services companies that have clients and projects from large companies in Indonesia.

The man who graduated from the Indonesian University of Education, often called Wandy, successfully introduced Interlook through Instagram social media and a website to showcase his portfolio.

Interlook sets a tariff of IDR 100 thousand-300 thousand per m2 for design services. As for construction services, the tariff is IDR 3 million to 5 million depending on the material.

Wandy tried to put forward a design that was functional and instagenic, so the photos produced from the design could be viral and were recommended. In the project portfolio, there are front office West Java Construction and Environment Quality Testing Center, ATM Center, and Mosque Room at Kiara Husana Clinic (Kiaracondong), all in Bandung.

Before successfully building Interlook, Wandy had made a company similar to the name Garden Design but the company did not run long and finally closed.

Although currently, it does not have an offline showroom, Interlook has facilitated a kind of showroom in the form of virtual reality (VR). With this virtual showroom, everyone can easily see the projects and products they work on.

To further raise the Interlook flag, Wandy was active as an exhibitor at several expo events. Interlook also partners with several furniture brands and home decor to help with sales in the Interlook account.