Surabaya City Prepares to Host the 2018 Startup Nation Summit

Being one of the cities in Indonesia that encourages and prioritizes business development (Startup) for young people, Surabaya is preparing to host the 2018 Startup Nation Summit (SNS) which is planned to be held on November 15-17, 2018.

Seeing the importance of the 2018m SNS event, the mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini, even mentioned that Surabaya had prepared this event a year ago.

Surabaya Nation Summit 2018 is planned to be attended by several startups from Indonesia and international startups.

The Surabaya Nation Summit 2018 event will present several events that can be used by startups in Indonesia seeking knowledge. For the speakers themselves, they were presented by Google, then there were also speakers from Fukuoka Japan, where the area became one of the startup bases in Japan with rapid development.

Aside from the two speakers, other parties who will contribute as speakers at the Surabaya Nation Summit 2018 are Facebook, which is confirmed to be present.

“The programs are varied, there are seminars. Later, there will be officials from Google, then speakers from Fukuoka Japan because there the startups are also developing well. Then from Facebook, make sure you want to come. I also invited a number of startups from Guangzhou, the city of Jack Ma. There are staff experts Donald Trump who was also Obama’s expert staff, essentially from the White House, Jonathan, “explained Risma, reported by Antara recently.

Tri Rismaharini said that this event was a concern of the Surabaya regional government, this was because the concentration of Pemkan Surabaya was fully encouraging young people in this era of technological development to be able to develop business through the role of technology.