Ronny Lukito Successfully Bring Eiger Go International Bags

Ronny Lukito is the third child of six siblings owner and founder of the Eiger Brand. Eiger is a product of outdor equipment and bags that are specifically for nature lovers or young people who want products of backpacks and nature lovers, quality, affordable prices and products made in Indonesia.

Not from family members, Ronny Lukito spent his young time with simplicity in Bandung.

The daily life of this STM child is indeed full of hard work. Ronny’s parents made and owned a bag shop in Bandung. Ronny had to sell milk every time he went home and then helped his father at the bag shop.

The beginning of Ronny Lukito’s success began in 1979. At that time Ronny graduated from STM and wanted to continue in college but was constrained by costs.

Ronny then plays the brain what can be done by him to help the family economy. From there he thought of developing a bag business but his own.

With less than one million rupiah in capital, Ronny bought two sewing machines, sewing equipment, and a few raw materials for making bags. Assisted by one employee named Mang Uwon, Ronny produces bags. around the year 83-84 Ronny wanted to put the product into Matahari, when at the beginning he first proposed as a supplier, Ronny was rejected continuously by the purchasing department, until he submitted 13, Ronny’s application to enter his bag was received, at that time, the value of the bag sold was up to 300 thousand.

The fruit of Ronny’s hard work and perseverance paid off. Ronny’s wish to become a successful entrepreneur began to materialize after he brought his production bags to market, starting from Matahari, Ramayana, Gunung Agung, Gramedia, and dept. other large stores sell Ronny products such as Eiger, Export or Bodypack.

The Eiger was first produced in 1993. The Eiger name itself was taken from the name Mount Eiger in Switzerland and was coined by the owner of the Eiger, Ronny Lukito. Eiger is intended for outdoor activity equipment, such as mountain climbing, camping, rock climbing and other activities that are still related to external activities.

Proved not only to successfully bring exsport brand bags to foreign countries, but now under the auspices of B & B Inc. Ronny managed to oversee four major subsidiaries, including PT. Eksonindo Multi Product Industry (EMPI), PT. Eigerindo MPI, PT. EMPI Senajaya and CV Persada Abadi. A number of well-known bag brands are proof of the success of Ronny Lukito in controlling the bag market both locally and internationally.