Jerry Sanders Founder of AMD Company

Maybe the AMD brand has been sticky in the ears of the people who are hooked and hobby of changing computer or laptop specs. AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). Intel is the second largest maker of computer and laptop processors after the Intel manufacturer, who is the owner? the owner is Walter Jeremiah Sanders III or better known as Jerry Sanders.

Products from AMD are microprocessors, motherboard chipsets, embedded graphics card processors (GPUs) and processors for servers, workstations and personal computers (PCs), and processor technology for handheld devices, digital television, cars, game consoles, and other applications that have systems .

The company is located in the paradise of IT companies, namely Sunnyvale, California, commonly known as Silicon Valley. AMD itself is a strong rival of Intel in the field of processors where the two giant companies have dominated for a long time, while AMD which bought ATI in 2006 was able to compete with giant graphics card manufacturer Nvidia where the two manufacturers have no competitors in the world of graphics cards.

Starting from the strong desire of Sanders as a graduate of Douglas Aircraft Company to participate in the competition for the manufacture of processors with competitors making Intel processors that are already global.

Until finally the opportunity arose when there was one of the disputes on the part of Intel which resulted in one of the Intel project leaders named Vinod Dham fighting with other Intel leaders, Sanders did not think long to offer him to work together to work on a processor named K6.

In 1969 a group of Fairchild engineers decided to start a new company, which became Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). They asked Jerrry Sander to join them, and he said he agreed, with the condition that he be president of the company. Despite many disagreements within the group, they agreed and the new company was formed with Sanders as President.

The battle between AMD and Intel is indeed in many fields, the most striking is in the class Z-80 (AMD) which is the milestone that the Pentium generation will enter. At that time AMD was indeed struggling with the launch of Intel processors above 486, namely 586.

From AMD, the Z-80 was designed by Federico Faggin, who claimed that the processor he made was superior and had two simple reasons, namely price and performance, compared to Intel’s 586. But the processor is owned by Intel (586), the fruit of Vinod’s work. AMD announced a merger with ATI Technologies on July 24, 2006. AMD paid $ 4.3 billion in cash and 58 million shares of shares totaling US $ 5.4 billion. The merger was completed on October 25, 2006 and ATI is now part of AMD.