Tri Sumono from Sweeper Success Becomes a Successful Entrepreneur

A person’s life journey is like a wheel, sometimes under sometimes above. This is what is felt by Tri Sumono, a former sweeper who is now a successful businessman and has revenues of up to billions per month.

Tri Sumono is a businessman who has various businesses namely livestock, ginger plantations, rice farming and many more.

The man who was born in Gunung Kidul May 7, 1973 did indeed live a life that was so exhausting. The journey of life when migrating to the capital city to change fate becomes the starting point of the struggle to become a successful entrepreneur.

Moving to Jakarta with desperate capital, Tri, as he is familiar, is practically starting everything from the beginning, even to just eat and fulfill the daily needs of his life, he must work from construction workers to odd jobs.

One time Tri worked at a company in Jakarta as an Office Boy. Thanks to tenacity and the desire to know about new things, Tri was appointed as a marketer and finally appointed as head of the warehouse.

In addition to working as an employee, Tri Sumono also works part time by selling women’s accessories when there are events such as car free day.

Seeing the benefits of a greater number of times than becoming a employee, Tri Sumono decided to leave his job and focus on developing his business.

Tri Sumono continued to develop his dreams, he did not want to stop in just one line of business, the reason was that having a lot of effort was far better and more stable in income than a little effort.

Instinct as a businessman then seizes the opportunity to make nata de coco. From the information obtained, nata de coco is coconut juice which is fermented with the help of Acetobacter xylium bacteria. He then bought this bacterium at Bogor LIPI. Then the products are marketed to several packaging beverage companies in JaBoDeTaBek.

Initially, many people bought nata de coco from it, but over time the order became quiet because it turned out that the quality of the sari of the kela was declining, even he finally stopped the production process.

He turned his brain to find out how to make good coconut juice or nata de coco. He was determined to meet with one of the IPB lecturers and said that if he wanted to learn to make good nata de coco, he also stated that he was willing to pay whatever it took to get that knowledge.

At first the lecturer looked at one eye maybe in his heart said that it was impossible for someone like Tri Sumono who was only a high school graduate to be able to digest the information from him. But Pak Tri remained hard to want to learn from him and Pak Tri won. The lecturer invited Mr. Tri to study for two months to make quality nata de coco. After the knowledge was enough, Mr. Tri began producing again and offered his nata de coco to several companies.

The results are very satisfying. Many beverage companies buy coconut juice from him. He immediately produced 10,000 trays at the same time with a value of IDR 70 million. Currently the condition is reversed, many companies are lining up to buy coconut juice from Tri Sumarmo.

Within a month, the business turnover could reach IDR 500 million to one billion. It’s really a miracle. A sweeper from a high school graduate has become a billionaire if he has dreams and keeps trying to pursue that dream. Tri’s efforts continue to diversify into ginger and rice farming plantations and property sale and purchase.