Maspion Victory in the hands of Alim Markus

Maspion is the largest tool manufacturer company in Indonesia, founded by Alim Husin and growing in the hands of the son Alim Markus.

Starting from the manufacturer of teplok lights in 1954 and became the forerunner of the Maspion company. This father and son did go directly from the start of this business. Starting from producing 300 dozen teplok lights and growing rapidly, in 1971 Alim Husin opened a new business targeting household furniture.

Initially producing household utensils, Alim gave the brand name Maspioneer. But for some reason the brand name changed to Maspion.

Alim Markus began to help his father develop Maspion’s business with the experience talent he had gotten from previous businesses. This experience made the father sure to give the position of Director of Maspion to Alim Markus.

In the hands of Alim Mark, the Maspion Company is increasingly aggressive. Maspion Group is aggressively expanding its business in all business lines. During his leadership, Maspion owned dozens of subsidiaries.

Its main business is the products needed by housewives such as teflon pans, gas stoves, thermos, water pumps, refrigerators to fans. Then it extended to construction, property, financial services businesses and joint ventures with other investors.

Maspion has an Industrial area in Surabaya with an area of ​​100 hectares. Maspion was then known by the public as a local brand that dominated the household appliances market. The business strategy carried out by Alim Markus is to embrace well-known foreign manufacturers from Japan and Korea such as Samsung, persuading them to build factories in Indonesia with the same share-sharing profits so as to create a joint venture.

With the phrase ‘Love Indonesian products’, it is the flagship slogan of the Maspion company. Alim Markus often plays his own products on television.

In 2018, the wealth of Alim Markus Maspion Group was included in the order of 76 richest people in Indonesia for the Forbes version with total assets of US $ 507 million.