Success Story Behind Vanilla Hijab

Experiencing trials does not mean we have to give up. This is what is shown by beautiful women, young entrepreneurs who are successful by developing the hijab fashion clothing line business with the brand Vanilla Hijab.

Intan Kusuma Fauzia and Atina Muslima The CEO and Founder of Vanilla Hijab proves to us that every test will surely bring wisdom.

Diagnosed with Autoimun, Atina initially worked at a well-known oil and gas company in Indonesia until finally, she decided to leave the company to cure the disease.

Realizing that for treatment requires a large amount of money Intan called this beautiful hijab woman and his brother decided to open a business to be able to earn his own income.

Together with his brother Intan then opened a business with the brand name Vanilla Hijab. What really inspired the business carried out by the brothers began with zero rupiah capital. How did it happen?

It started when the brothers went to the cloth shop center in Mayestik. Some interesting fabrics that will sell in the market are photographed and uploaded to Instagram and when someone wants to make them, then make them after the order.

It does not take long to make Vanilla Hijab develop and become more widely known. Intan and Atina have a vision and mission to continue to present fashion hijab that is different from other characteristics so that consumers are increasingly interested.

This is the strength of Vanilla Hijab, the distinctive features and innovations of the latest models make consumers fall in love with the Vanilla Hijab fashion hijab products.

Vanilla always updates its products. Premium collections are constantly being presented as choices for customers. Some premium editions, among others, signature collection (digital printing) that have different stories in each design.

How to sell Vanilla products is not like most online sellers. There are conditions that must be met, namely registered as a member and buying at the specified time. But, there is no need to fear because information is always given by Vanilla through social media accounts to make it easier for consumers to prepare time.

Now, not only Muslim clothes are sold by Vanilla, but also bags. This product is also very popular with consumers. The marketing method done by Vanilla through Instagram and Facebook is by endorsing the Key Opinion Leader (KOL) that is in line with the target market.