This Man Gets Hundreds of Million Turnover From the Wood Craft Business

Changing a piece of wood into a form or work that has value is not an easy matter. This was done by artists and furniture entrepreneurs named Agus and proved his work was valued with high value.

Utilizing waste wood Agus makes furniture with a model that is indeed quite unique. Because of the uniqueness that is the price of the furniture value is expensive and high commercial value.

Agus said, in 2012 the furniture business experienced a sluggishness, teak wood raw materials began to be difficult to obtain. From there, he began to make use of the remaining pieces of teak wood to root pieces, into products such as statues, furniture, and other crafts.

With a capital of around IDR 20 million, Agus then produced items labeled Veda Sabrina. Starting from there, the products turned out to be in demand by consumers to penetrate the UK, the Netherlands and a number of other European countries.

Agus’s own concoction products are sold at prices ranging from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of rupiah. Depending on the level of difficulty the product is made. Consumers can order goods according to the desired design.

At present, the business is quite successful. Agus admitted, in a month he could earn up to hundreds of millions of earnings. Now the turnover is around IDR 200 million to IDR 300 million a month on average and according to Agus, persistence and the opportunity to map the market are the keys to success in doing business.